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 Line Code  Manufacturer  Website
303 303 Protectant 303 Products
3N1 3-IN-ONE Products 3-IN-ONE Products
AER Aervoe-Pacific Paint Aervoe Paint
AEX Auto Expressions Auto Expressions
A-F Anti-Freeze & Coolant Peak Antifreeze
Beck/Arnley Antifreeze/Coolant
Peak Heavy Duty Antifreeze & Coolants
AGS American Grease Stick AGS Lubricants
ALC Alco Manufacturing Tools by Alco Manufacturing
ALL Allison Products Allison Products (No Website)
ALR Autolite Racing Spark Plugs Autolite Racing Spark Plugs
ALT Alltrade Tools Alltrade Tools
ALU Alumaseal Products Alumaseal By Gold Eagle Brands
AMA A-MAZ Chemicals A-MAZ Products
APL Autolite Platinum Spark Plugs Autolite Platinum Spark Plugs
ARM Armor All Products Armorall Products
ARN S M Arnold Products SM Arnold Inc
ATR Autotrend Drip Pans Autotrend Drip Pans (No Website)        
ATS Alltrade Specialty Tools Alltrade Specialty Tools
AUT Autolite Spark Plugs Autolite Copper Spark Plugs
AXP Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plugs Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plugs
BAR Bars Leaks Products Bars Leaks Products
BAY Bayco Lighting Products Bayco Lighting Products
B-C Blue Coral Products Blue Coral Products
BDV Blue Devil Products Blue Devil Products
BEC Beck Arnley OE Fluids Beck/Arnley OE Fluids
BER Berryman Products Berryman Products
BLA PB Blaster Chemicals B'laster Corporation
BLU Blue Magic Products Blue Magic Products
BLZ Blazer Auxiliary Lights Blazer International Lighting 
BON Bondo Body Repair Products Bondo
BRD Brad Penn Motor Oils Brad Penn High Performance Oils
BUS Buss Automotive Fuses Bussmann Automotive Fuses
CAM Camel Tire Repair Camel Tire Repair Products
CAT Cataclean Fuel System Cleaner Cataclean
CBL Coleman Cable Products Coleman Cable
CCL Carrand Cleaning Products Carrand Cleaning Products
CD2 CD-2 Products CD-2 Products (No Website)
CEC CEC Lamps CEC Lighting
CHA Champion/Aries Products Champion Wireless Accessories
CHI Chilton manuals Chilton Manuals
CHR Chroma Graphics Chroma Graphics
CHV Chevron Products Chevron Products
CLA Breeze Hose Clamps Breeze Hose Clamps
CLC Custom Leathercraft Custom Leather Craft
CLE Clean-Rite Products Clean-Rite Products
CLI Cliplight Flashlights Cliplight
CLU The Club By Winner International The Club
COR Cortina Warning Triangles Cortina Warning Triangles
CRA Carrand Products Carrand Products
CRC CRC Chemicals CRC Products
CRT Curt Manufacturing Curt Towing Products
CRU Cruiser Accessories Cruiser License Plate Frames
CST Castrol Products Castrol Lubricants
CTA CTA Specialty Tools CTA Tools
CTK CTEK Battery Chargers CTEK Battery Chargers
CTS CTS Sunglasses CTS Sunglasses
CUR Curb Appeal Products Curb Appeal Products
CVR Coverite Car Covers Coverite Car Covers
CYC Cyclo Chemicals Cyclo Products
DCC Dell Corning Products Dell Corning Shop Items
DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid BlueDEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
DLO Delo Motor Oil Delo Motor Oils
DOR Dorman Products Dorma Products
DUC Duck Brand Tape Duck Brand Tape
DUR Duracell Batteries Duracell Batteries
EAG Eagle One Products Eagle One Car Care Products
EMG Emgee/Clean Tools CleanTools
EQU Equus Gauges & Test Equip Equus Gauges & Equipment
ESI ESI Cellphone Accessories ESI Cell Phone Accessories (No Website)
F3B F3 Brands F3 Brands by Hopkins Manufacturing
FRA Fram Filters Fram Filters
FRE Car Freshener/Little Trees Little Trees Air Fresheners
FUS Orion Safety - Flares Orion Safety Flares
GAR Garrity Flashlights Garrity Flashlights
GAS Gasgacinch Cement Gasgacinch
GLO Shamrock Gloves Shamrock Latex and Nitrile Gloves
GMO Gumout Products Gumout Products
GOO Goop Adhesives GOOP Adhesives
GOR Gorilla Glue & Tape Gorilla Glues & Tapes
GRL Greased Lightning Greased Lightning Cleaners
GRS Grease Sweep Absorbent Grease Sweep
GSK Gasket Material United Gasket Materials
HAY Haynes Repair Manuals Haynes Manuals
HEE Heet Fuel System Dryer Heet Fuel System Dryer
HER Herculiner Bed Liner Herculiner Products
HIT Hi Tach Additives Hi-Tach Additives (No Website)
HOP Hoppy Products Hopkins Manufacturing
HUB Wheel Covers Wheel Covers
I-D Inter-Dynamics Products InterDynamics Products
IDE Ideal Hose Clamps Ideal Hose Clamps
IDM Idemitsu Lubricants Idemitsu Lubricants
ITI Irontite Products Irontite Products
JBW J-B Weld Epoxies JB Weld
JGR Driven Racing Oil Driven Racing Oil
JPR Johnsen's Pro Products (Technical Chemical) Johnsen Professional Products (No Website)
JTT JTT Wiring Accessories JTT Wiring Products
KAF Kafko International Kafko Oil Eater Degreasers
KEE Keeper Products Keeper Products
KEN Kendall Motor Oils Kendall Motor Oil
KEY Keystone Group Products LED Warning Beacons
KID Kidde Fire Extinguishers Kidde Fire Extinguishers
KIN Kinetik Batteries Kinetik Batteries
K-N K&N Filters (Filter Oil and Cleaner Only) K&N Filters
KRT Duplicolor Touch-up Paint Duplicolor Touch-up Paint by Krylon
KRY Krylon Paint Krylon Paint
K-S K-Source Mirrors K-Source Mirrors
KSL K-Seal Products K-Seal Products
K-W K-W Products K-W Products
LAT Laitner Brush Laitner Brushes
LAV Lava Products Lava Hand Soap
LEX Lexol Leather Care Lexol Leather Cleaners
LIF Motsenbocker's Lift Off Lift Off Cleaners
LIS Lisle Specialty Tools Lisle Specialty Tools
LMO Liqui Moly Lubricants Liqui-Moly Lubricants
LOC Lockstraps Lockstraps Tiedown Straps
LUB Lubegard Products Lubegard Products
LUC Lucas Oil Products Lucas Oil Products
M1F Mobil 1 Oil Filters Mobil 1 Oil Filters
MAC Meguiar's Accessories Meguiar's
MAR Marvel Mystery Oil Marvel Mystery Oil
MAS Master Lock Products Masterlock Towing Products
MAX Maxxtow Towing Products Maxxtow Products
M-B Meguiars Polish Meguiar's
MCL Mr Clean Products Mr Clean Products (No Website)
MDS California Magic Duster California Car Duster
MED Auto Expressions Air Fresheners Auto Expressions Air Fresheners
MIC Microflex Gloves Microflex Latex & Nitrile Gloves
MID Midwest Can Company Midwest Fuel Cans
MIS Meiser Tire Gauges Meiser Tire Gauges
MKG Monkey Grip Products Monkey Grip Tire Repair
MLK Master Lock Security Masterlock Security
MMM 3M Products 3M Automotive Products
MOB Mobil Oil Mobil Oil and Lubricants
MOT Mothers Polish Mothers Products
MRG Meguiars Professional Meguiar's Mirror Glaze
MTL Motul Lubricants Motul Lubricants
MTM Motormite Products Motormite Products
NEU Neutraders Mckanica Silicone Mckanica Silicones
NGK NGK Spark Plugs NGK Spark Plugs
NOA North American Oil Blue Magic Products
NOC Noco Battery Care NOCO Products
NOS NOS Products NOS Preformance Chemicals
NSP No Spill Fuel Cans No-Spill Fuel Cans
NSS National Stock Sign National Stock Signs
NUF Nufinish Polish NuFinish Polish
OCT Octane Boost 104+ 104+ Octane Boost
ODY Odyssey Battteries Odyssey Batteries
OKE O'Keeffe Working Hands O'Keeffes Company.
OPT Optima Batteries Optima Batteries
PAC Peak Accessories Peak Electrical Accessories
PDP Plasti Dip Chemicals Plasti-Dip Products
PEK Peak Motor Oil Peak Motor Oil
PEN Pentosin Fluids Pentosin Products
PET Peterson Tru-Cut Automotive Petersen Tru-Cut Auto Ramps
PLE Plews/Tru-Flate Products Tru-Flate Products
P-M Peterson P-M Lighting Peterson Lighting
PMC Perma-Coil Thread Repair Permacoil Thread Repair
PNZ Pennzoil Motor Oils Pennzoil Motor Oil
POW Powerhouse Generators Powerhouse Generators
PRL Prolong Super Lubricants Prolong Super Lubricants
PRM Permatex Products Permatex Products
PRS Prestone Chemicals Prestone Chemicals
PUN Power Punch Products Power Punch Products
PUR Royal Purple Oils Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants
PWR PowerAll PowerAll Portable Power Bank
PWS Power Service Diesel Additives Power Service Diesel Additives
PYR Pyramex Safety Products Pyramex Safety Products
PZR Pennzoil Roadside Chemicals Fix-A-Flat
Q-B Q-Bond Adhesives Q-Bond Adhesive
QTT Quality Tire Chains Quality Tire Chains
RAC Radi-Acc Coolant Recovery Bottles Radi-Acc Coolant Recovery Bottles
RAD Radiator Specialty Products Radiator Specialty Products
RAG Raggtyme Rags/Towels Raggtyme Shop Rags and Towels (No Website)
RAI Rain-X Products Rain-X Products
RIS Rislone Products Rislone Products
R-Q Rubber Queen Floor Mats Rubber Queen Floor Mats
RPC Racing Power Company Racing Power Company
RST Restore Products Restore Products
RWP Rain-X Wiper Blades Rain-X Wiper Blades
SAL Seal All Adhesives Seal All Adhesives
SCE California Scents California Scents Air Fresheners
SCG Surf City Garage Surf City Garage
SCH Schumacher Battery Chargers Schumacher Battery Chargers
SCL Super Clean Super Clean Products
SCO Scott-Kimberly Clark Scott Towels
SCR Scribner Plastics Scribner Plastics
SEA Sea Foam Products Seafoam Products
S-G Simple Green Products Simple Green Cleaners
SHA Auto Expressions Sunshades Auto Expressions Sun Shades
SHK Shark Industries (Welding Suppplies $ Abrasives) Shark Industries
SIM Simichrome Polish Simichrome Polish
SLI Slime Tire Sealants Slime Tire Repair
SLK Slick 50 Products Slick50 Lubricants
SLU Sta Lube Products Sta-Lube Chemicals
SON Sony Batteries Sony Batteries (No Website)
SPR Sprayway Products Sprayway Cleaners
SPX Super-X Products Super-X Products
STA Sta Bil Fuel Stabilizer Stabil Fuel Stabilizers
STE Steel Wool Steel Wool (No Website)
STN Stant Products Stant Thermostats & Caps
STO Stoner Products Stoner Products
STP STP Products STP Products
SUP Superior Products Superior Automotive Accessories
SUS Smitty's Super S Lubricants Smitty's Super S Lubricants
SWI Driveway Heat Products Driveway Heat Ice Melt Products
SYL Sylvania Lighting Products Sylvania Lighting
TAN Tannery Products The Tannery Leather Care
TEC Tech Chemical - Johnsens Johnsens Chemicals
TEF Tech Chemical A/C - Johnsens Johnsens A/C Chemicals
THM Thermoid Hose Thermoid Hose
TOR Torin Products Torin Jacks
TOU No Touch Products No Touch Tire Shine
TRA Tracer Leak Detectors Tracerline Leak Detection Products
TRF Tri Flow Products Triflow Lubricants
TRI Trico Wiper Products Trico Wiper Blades
TTN Titan Hand Tools Titan Hand Tools
TUF Tuff Stuff Foam Cleaner Tuff-Stuff Cleaner
TWA Turtle Wax Products Turtle Wax
TWN 20/10 Products 20/10 Products
VER Vermont American Tools Vermont American Tools
VIC Victor Automotive Products Victor Automotive Accessories
VLV Valvoline Oil Products Valvoline
VRS Versachem Products Versachem Products
WAY Waylo Chemicals Waylo Brake Clean (No Website)
WDF WD40 Products WD40 Products
WEB Web Wire - Coleman Cable Web Wire Battery Accessories
WHL Perfect Wheel Weights Perfect Equipment Wheel Weights
WIR Wirthco Products Wirthco Battery Accessories
WOL Wolo Horns Wolo Horns
WTR Waterloo Industries Waterloo Industries Tool Boxes
WWS Windshield Washer Pre-Mix Peak Windshield Wash
XTR X-Treme Gate Truck Accessories Xtreme Gate Truck Bed Extender
YNK Yankee Candle Air Fresheners Yankee Candle Air Fresheners
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Levin's Auto Supply

Levin’s Auto Supply supplies automotive aftermarket parts to auto parts stores, hardware stores, drug and grocery stores, and other traditional retail outlets throughout Northern California. We sell brake cleaners, floor mats, seat covers, auxiliary lights, motor oils, car batteries, wheel covers, car polishes and waxes, tire sealants, and other automotive products. We strive to grow our business through our excellent client base. Our products include over 16,000 items from over 150 manufacturers in the automotive industry. If you are looking for the latest automotive products from an honest and affordable online automotive aftermarket parts supplier, then contact Levin’s Auto Supply today.

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Phone: (800) 655-7700
Fax: (916) 381-6218
Address: 8141 Elder Creek Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95824